Award & Prize:

Recognized Poomsae: All Athletes who have performed a reasonable Recognized Poomsae will get a wooden Poomsae Lover customized traditional style waist card depending on the result of the first round (Means Final round for color belt divisions and Preliminary round for Poom/Dan blackbelt divisions)

Freestyle Poomsae: 1/3 of the athletes with the highest scores in freestyle divisions will get a gold wooden waist card, afterwards 1/3 of the highest scores will receive a silver wooden waist card, and the rest athletes will get a wooden bronze waist card.

The 1-4 places of

  1. Color belt Elite round.
  2. Poom/Dan Blackbelt Final round.
  3. Freestyle.
Will get a Poomsae Lover official medal depending on their standing.

All Athletes who have a reasonable performance will receive an E-Certificate
All Participation and standing would be recorded in the Poomsae lover result system
A papery certificate will send to the representative of the team with other prizes.

Participation certificate would be issued as E-certificate only for the cosplay division.


KWON Poomsae Competition Uniform will be provided to the 1st place of Final round in Poom/Dan Blackbelt divisions which contain equal or more than 8 participants.



Memorize Belt:

Poomsae Lover custom-made memorize blackbelt may provide to the MVP players. And it is also available in the Poomsae lover’s online shop for athletes who participated in Poom/Dan divisions.

MVP players will be invited to participate free in the next championships.

Transportation cost for souvenirs, medals, certificates will be covered by OC. By default will send via ordinary surface post mail. (Arrive from 30 to 180 days). Teams that have more than 5 souvenirs/medals would send via express mail. (Arrive from 7 to 45 days)
Transportation cost for uniform and belt is its duty by the awarded participant.
Local customs taxation is its duty by the participant.
OC Reserve the right of final explanation.

*Some countries/regions may not reachable cause of pandemic situations, customs restrictions, or problem by postal/express service. OC will try our best to make it possible, But if there is no possibility of delivery, You can get partial refund.



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