After login into the system, You will able to manage your team in the System.

Here is the instruction of making athlete registration.

Step 1: Login to the system then click the Reigster button below the login area.

Step 2: Check the outline carefully, and then decide the division your athlete should be joined in.

Then find the certain division in the right side, click the Register button beside the division.

Step3: Input the athlete's name, birthday. Choose the athlete's nationality (Could be different from the team's nationality), Select the Level (Please ensure Dan or geup. Dont make mess on it. ) And gender. Then Click Register button.

Step4: When you saw your athlete's name display in the table with an Athlete Nunber, It means the registration was done.

Go back to athlete registration page, and register all your athletes.

*The Athlete registration can not be modify, but it can be delete in any time.
Once the athlete was paid, but the info was wrong, you should contact OC for make correction no later than the deadline.

It's NOT REQUIRED TO SUBMIT your Level certificate to OC in advance. But when complaining come, The we will ask you to show your level certificate. Please refer to the regulations in the outline.

*Reference of Level in color belt divisions:
Level and belt system may differ depending on your WT MNA. Here is some reference:
White -> Level 10                                  White yellow stripe or yellow->Level 9
Yellow, orange -> Level8                    Yellow2, Yellow Green stripe->Level7
Green                                                      ->Level6  Green Blue stripe,Green2-> Level5
Blue,Blue1,-> Level4                           Blue2,purple, Blue Red->Level3
Brown, Red->Level2                            Red, Brown red, red-black ->Level1

In some WT MNAs Level system will be different, We will recognize the national MNA’s official level system (For fair play, We may ask you to show your official certificate issued by your MNA to identify the certain level. The level certificate issued within 2 years will be recognized.
Poom/Dan Division only require a Dan cert issued by Kukkiwon or WT MNA.


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