Basically, this competition is a completely video recording competition. It's NOT a Live competition.

We'll follow the World Taekwondo Competition rules with online regulations.

Please check the video recording guidelines in the outline.

You can check the WT online competition recording guidelines by video below.

*It's almost same as what we require In 2nd poomsae lover competition,the difference is: It's not required to declare anything before perform (We don't need you to declare your name, level, noc,poomsae name etc before your perform..). But if you would like to do so, no problem.

Here is some important tips about rules and recording guidelines in the outline:

Online rules and deductions:

Allow performing with or without the mat and any places available (not allowed to perform on the spring floor for freestyle)
Failed for back to the start point will not be deducted.
-0.3 points deductions:
1. If the athlete does not have adequate space to perform the Poomsae and takes an extra step to get around any objects in the room each additional step.
2. Each hand and or foot movement cannot be seen by the referee as the participant moves beyond the camera’s view.
3. Each hand and or feet movement cannot be seen by the referee due to poor lighting (i.e., backlighting, lighting too bright/dim, etc).
4. Each Ki-hap cannot be heard by the referee
5. Overtime (At more than 90 seconds in recognized Poomsae or more than 100 seconds in freestyle Poomsae or less than 90 seconds in freestyle Poomsae.).
-0.6 points deductions
1. Performing incorrect Poomsae.
2. Object, person, or pet coming into the field of play while executing Poomsae. (Coach is allowed to appear but not allowed to do any kind of instruction.)
3. Once the more than 1/2 body cannot be seen by the referee.
4. Wearing incorrect Uniform(dobok) or belt, or wearing shoes/jewelry/watch.
5. Restart
1. Video that has been edited or show proof of editing. (Except cosplay division)
2. Submission of wrong videos or registered in the wrong division.
3. In compliance with recording guidelines.
4. Display of political, religious, and non-recognized NOC flags.
5. Movement of the camera during the performance(up/down and zoom in/out)
6. Fake Levels, E.g.: high level perform in low level’s division.
7. Fake Identify / Wrong player.
8. Deliberately adjust the height of the camera to obtain unrealistic effects.

2nd Poomsae Lover Special rule:
The athlete should look at the target during kicking.
If the athlete’s eye is looking parallel during a high kick. We will not deduct on the accuracy.
If the athlete’s eye is looking down or he/she closed eyes during a kick,
We will give a -0.3 deduction on the accuracy score.
If the video was too much blur as the athlete’s looking direction cannot be seen by the referee clearly, Then -0.1 deduction on accuracy will be given each time the athlete kicks.
Bandage or support is not allowed, Except submitted declaration to OC in advance.
Due to space restriction, stomping without sound is allowed and won’t be deducted.

Recording guidelines:

Position of the camera:
About 7m straight front & belt height to cover the whole body during Poomsae performance
When any part of the player body is cut-off by the video frame a -0.3 points deduction will apply for every time. If the whole body out shall be 0.6 points will be deducted for every Poomsae movement each time.
Quality of video recording is responsible for the athlete.
The camera must be in a horizontal position.
The camera must remain in the same position for the duration of the performance (not permitted to zoom in and out or pan up and down).
Resolution 1080p (HD), minimum resolution 720p (HD) at 30 frames per second.
1080p with 50-60 frames per second is highly recommended.
Backgrounds & Backdrop:
No virtual backgrounds.
No religious or political displays.

IOC recognized NOC flags are recommended to be displayed.


And here is 2 examples for Cosplay poomsae:



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