Step 1: You should have a google account, Then upload your videos to the youtube first.

*In poomsae lover competition, Each poomsae should upload seperately. Not by round. For example: If you are participating Poom/Dan division. You should upload all 5 video files on youtube. Then got 5 seperated link, and paste them one by one to the corresponding poomsae blank in the system.

Step 2: After all the video has been uploaded. Login the poomsae lover system, And click Submit video in the left.

Step 3: Find the athlete you want to operate, Then check the designated poomsaes again. Then click the "submit video" on the right.

Step 4: Go back to youtube, Find the video for the athlete, and click share button below the screen.

Step 5: Click "Copy" in the pop-up window.

Step 6: Switch back to the system, find the corresponding Poomsae, then paste the link in the blank area,

Step 7: System will automatically check the link you submitted. If it is a valid youtube link address. You'll be mentioned as below:

Step 8: Repeat the certain operation, and fill in all the blanks with poomsae link. EACH BLANK SHOULD ONLY SUBMIT ONE POOMSAE VIDEO. If you have something need to declare to OC, (For example: get hurt and using bandage, stomping without sound cause of restriction of the house.) Please input in the remark area. Then click save & submit button to finish the submission.

*You can change the link at any time before the submission deadline: February 28th 23:59:59 GMT+9 (Korea time)

Repeat this work for all the athlete in your team.




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